Cynthia Roberts, Romance Author

Creating Romantic Centerpieces

We all like to create a “wow” factor … you know, that one thing that stands out above all the rest.  Adding a centerpiece to a table that does just that will immediately make a lasting impression.

You don’t have to pay someone top dollar to create something sophisticated, classic, romantic, and beautiful.  You CAN do it yourself.  Floral centerpieces are the usual go-to if you want to dress up your tables, but candles are an easy and elegant centerpiece feature that could save you quite a lot of money, too.

There are countless gorgeous ways to make a candle centerpiece, and we’ve found some of the best. Candles look dreamy and romantic, especially surrounded by a wreath of flowers or hanging from a tall floral centerpiece. From floating candle centerpieces with candles resting in water, to minimalistic centerpieces with a few candles and sprigs of greenery, to easy DIY candle centerpieces, these centerpieces will illuminate your table in the best light. Whether you’re decorating a table for a dinner party, a wedding, a holiday gathering, a romantic dinner for two, or for no special reason at all, you’ll want to include candles after you see these beautiful candle centerpiece ideas.

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