Cynthia Roberts, Romance Author

Embracing Sex Over 60

I’ve been debating on whether or not to let my hair go naturally grey and started to check out images of youthful looking women, who have done just that.  Hmmm.  If, they can pull it off, then why can’t I?  Right?

I think my hesitation has a lot to do with my own sexuality.  Turning 65 this year, has really made me sit back and take notice of my life, who I am, what I have yet to accomplish, and yes, questioning my own sexuality.  It has also made me wonder, what other women my age might be thinking.

Is there sex beyond our fifties and sixties? You bet there is!  Sexuality for baby boomers is full of surprises! We came from the crazy era, of free sex, no bras, drugs, rock and roll, and are now finding ourselves embracing a future, with a whole new set of rules.   First, let me say though, not all of us were experimenting back then.  I was married at twenty-one and raising a family a few years later, while holding down a full-time job.   I have to chuckle.  For many of us mature ladies, the music has changed and the only drugs we’re reaching for are to lower our blood pressure and relieve our joint pain.

But sex and relationships are AMEN still running full steam ahead!

Are you a Baby Boomer, entering into a new relationship, or doubting your own sexuality?  Do you have concerns about taking the next step?  Heck, you’re probably wondering what the next step is?  Quite simply, it’s at this stage of your life, just enjoy!  Experimenting with your sexuality.  Try something you never dared doing in your younger years.  Take the reins and be the aggressor.  It’s okay to be naughty and wanton.  It’s perfectly natural to want to explore.  Your partner will come to life … I promise you.  Just remember though, if you’re venturing into a new relationship after a long dry spell of no activity, protect yourself.  STD’s are higher than ever amongst seniors so, make sure your partner has been tested before intimacy comes into play.

Sex is also way more different than it was in our twenties and thirties.  Our maturity has made us less uptight, restrictive, and I think way more relaxed about unleashing our inhibitions.  We’ve learned far to often, that life is too short and supposed to be lived to the fullest.  I still think I’m sexy, despite my wrinkles, not so firm skin, and the age spots beginning to pop up.  When I think of what I’ve been through in life, every damn wrinkle is a sign of my survival and strength.  Now is not the time to worry about getting old.  Now is the time to think about grasping hold of each new day we are blessed with and kicking life in the ass!

Sexuality is a thought process.  If you think it, you are.  Relationships, love, and sex, don’t die as we age.  They will, only if you allow them to. There is nothing wrong with still having that desire to be touched, to be close, and to be intimate.  And yes, we can still enjoy great sex, despite how unappealing the idea might be to our children and grandchildren!

The fact is, we ain’t DEAD! We are very much alive, bursting with all the needs, desires, and passions of years ago.

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