Cynthia Roberts, Romance Author

The Allure of Vanity Tables Never Dies

Antique vanity tables were perfectly named for the purpose in which they were intended, a station for the primping and beautification of its owner. Even though its heritage is as vintage as its name, its usage has remained pretty much the same throughout the ages while its design has been updated to match modern-day trends.

I had a vintage vanity many years ago that belonged to my mom. It was given to her when she turned thirteen years of age back in 1940. I so loved and used it for close to twenty years. It broke my heart when I had to give it away after my marriage ended and the apartment I moved into couldn’t accommodate the space needed to keep it. I regret, even still today, having to depart with it. The history of the vanity table is intriguing as is, how its design has changed over the years. I hope you enjoy the collection I’ve accumulated in this YouTube video and would love to know in the comment box below, which style is your favorite.

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