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Precious Me Time Ideas For Busy Moms

We all know it’s really difficult for moms to find precious and much needed “Me Time” for themselves. Is that you? Do you rarely take a few moments from your busy schedule to kick back, put your feet up, and simply exhale to help relieve the stress?  Little breaks are probably an afterthought, and understandably so, when carpooling, preparing meals, maintaining a household, nurturing children, working outside the home, and running errands come into play.

Did you know chronic stress can be detrimental to your health, increasing blood sugar and blood pressure levels.  Symptoms of stress also include low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches and pains, sleep problems, frequent illness, and loss of sexual desire. 

“Mom = Juggler” is far from an understatement! If a one- hour break isn’t doable, a mini-break cannot only be achievable, but it’s also a necessity to maintain a healthy balance in your life. It’s important to remember that you really do need to come first. Niching out a quarter-half hour for you is far from being selfish. You deserve it when you’re at the helm day after day non-stop.

Here are a few easy ways to relax and how you taking pleasure in a quick break is possible.

1. Can’t get out for an hour facial? Why not take a few minutes and pamper yourself with a mini-facial using any number of scrubs or masks available on the market today?

2. Enjoy a little treat of dark chocolate that will give you an energizing boost.

3. Enjoy some favorite tunes. Turn on the radio, create a break away playlist, or make a CD to escape for a quick ride in the car with the top/windows down and let it blare!

4. Find a quiet, relaxing spot to flip through that magazine you just bought or received in the mail. Maybe even read a few chapters of that novel you’ve been dying to start or can’t get back to.

5.  If you’re suffering constant anxiety or any of the symptoms noted above for stress, chronic or otherwise, a preventative and alternative holistic aid like CBD Oil will help promote relief without harmful side effects.  Look for a company in good standing that hasn’t been cited by the FDA.  

Remember. Stop feeling guilty. Your body needs a break, and so does your mind.

Tweezing and Shaping Your Eyebrows Correctly

Did you know it was fashionable at one time to shave one’s eyebrows off completely?  Surprisingly enough, that faux pas resurfaced again back in the late nineties and was very short-lived … thankfully.  Knowing how to tweeze and shape the eyebrow correctly is important to compliment the overall look of the eyes. 

Women have been known for years to follow what fashion magazines dictate, even if the latest and hottest trend isn’t the least bit complimentary.  Young teens today follow their favorite celebrities as if they were gods despite how gaudy or unflattering the style or beauty trend may prove.  Shaving eyebrows, should not be one of them because you’re taking a gamble they will not grow back. Unless you lose your brow hair due to fire or medical reasons, no one should shave off their eyebrows… not for the love of a celebrity or to be fashionable.

Eyebrows really do serve a purpose. No one is born with perfect brows and they need to be redefined and reshaped. The only way to accomplish this is to tweeze, and wax later if you choose once you create the definition and shape right for you. The eyebrow contours the eye. Bushy, unshaped brows are less than attractive and can downplay the soft line of the eye.

Follow the natural shape of your brow and tweeze those hairs that sprout between the eye and outside and below the natural brow line. The diagram provided with this article is a perfect example of how to determine your individual shaping.  Apply a wet washcloth (warm-hot) to help open up the pores, tweeze hair one by one with an angled-tip tweezer, pluck in the direction that hair grows naturally while holding skin taut with the finger of your other hand. Tweeze until the brow is clearly defined, not ragged, following along the natural brow line. Don’t forget to remove those hairs growing between your eyes at the top of your nose.

After plucking, splash with cold water or use witch hazel on a cotton ball to close the pores and soothe the irritated area. If red & swollen, apply a cold compress or ice. Do not apply makeup for at least thirty minutes. The best time to tweeze is in the evening before bedtime. Always brush brow hair upward to check any new growth and stray hairs you may have missed.

To tweeze or, not to tweeze, is up to you. But please, don’t shave!

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The Trouble With Heels

HEELS… can’t live with them… can’t live without them… just got to learn how to tolerate them, wear them, and keep them as part of our wardrobe, right?

Now, reality check. They hurt, and they hurt really, really bad after strutting around in them for an entire day and even night. The question is, do you sacrifice style for comfort? Most women would probably reply, “Ah, heck no!”  Women love them because they make their legs look longer and their body slimmer.  They love them because they know men think they are hot.  Women love them because they add “chic” to their outfits. There is just no denying that a good looking pump or, stiletto can make our calves look fantastic and sexy as heck.

One might thank all those wonderful shoe designers for causing all this misery.  The American Podiatrist Medical Association tells us the best solution is simply tossing them out with the trash. Here are some hints that may prove more helpful than tossing out your favorite pair of Jimmy Choo.

  • Granted a shorter heel (up to 2 inches) is right for comfort and health. Just keep in mind anything higher is going to place undue pressure on the ball of your foot and frontal bones. If you have to go with the height, try kicking them off when you can and keep a pair of flats/slippers under your desk for relief.
  • Believe it or, not, many women will sacrifice a smaller size because they fell in love with a certain style and the store doesn’t have a pair left in their real size. Also, it’s important to have your foot measured ever so often. Feet can grow as we get older and also longer and wider after pregnancy. You have to make sure there is at minimum a thumbs width between your longest toe and the shoe tip for the proper room.
  • Pointed & Narrow Squared toes may be the fashion but, rounded toe shoes allow your toes to lie flat and spread out naturally. If you can’t, then at least try and alternate once and a while. Pointed & narrow squared toes can cause joint pain, bunions and wrench your toes inward.
  • Many fashion shoes only come in a standard width. If you have wide feet, obviously this will cause a problem. If you love the style so much and must have them, a shoemaker can usually stretch them to widen the toe box to enhance comfort.
  • Think about cushioning. You’re on our feet more than ever and many shoes come with less than adequate padding. You have felt that unbearable burning on the balls of your feet once or twice already. It is pretty obvious it will happen again if you continue to wear them because heels shift the weight fully right to that area.

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Holiday Safety Tips For Your Pets

The holidays are certainly known as a time for excitement especially, while preparing for all the upcoming activities, meals, and decorating.   If you’re a pet owner, you also need to keep in mind just how festive plants, lighting or other changes around your house can affect your pet’s safety. Listed below are some tips that’ll keep your pets safe from harm this holiday season.

1. Electrical Cords

Generally, holiday lights and decorations mean cords scattered about the house. Pets are certain to be tempted to play and chew. It may be a good idea to unplug cords when you’re away to minimize the risk of electrocution.

2. Keeping Food Out of Reach

Oh, how we love to eat all those delicious foods and desserts. Let’s not forget the festive drinks as well.  It’s important to remember, there are a host of delicacies dogs and cats shouldn’t eat because it could make them sick. When you’re clearing the table and counter, try to wrap and store items quickly and take out the trash.  Our pets are tempted easily and if it smells enticing, they’ll do anything to get to it.   

3. Ditch the Candles

Candles lit about the house are charming and festive.  They can be dangerous when left unattended around pets because of their playfulness and curiosity.  You might want to consider opting for battery-lit candles instead to help keep everyone safe during the holidays.

4. Holiday Plants

Plants such as mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias could cause your dog or cat to have cardiovascular or gastrointestinal issues if ingested. It’s best to avoid the temptation, then ending up losing a pet or paying a very high vet bill if an incident occurs.

5. Updating Vaccinations and IDs

It’s a good idea to ensure your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date, especially if you’re planning to travel. You should also ensure their identification tags include your current home address and contact information. This can be helpful in case they accidentally get loose or slip out the door as guests come to and from your home.

6. Creating a Safe Space

Consider creating a specific area or room where pets can go to escape from the hustle and bustle of visiting guests.  Too much commotion can be overwhelming and stressful especially when overly-rambunctious children are around. 

7. Decorate With Safety in Mind

Holiday trees and other decorations can be a safety hazard to your pets. Cats and dogs may be interested in dangling decorations and lights on holiday trees and could accidentally knock the tree over from playfulness.  Avoid stringing lights and decorations on low-hanging tree branches, or anywhere else within your pet’s reach, to help deter chewing and strangulation. Avoid tinsel, as it could cause an intestinal blockage if ingested.

8. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Being prepared if the unexpected happens is important. Keep contact information for your veterinarian, a 24-hour pet hospital, and the Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) easily accessible in case of an emergency.  It’s better to take extra precautions than to be sorry later. 

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The Allure of Vanity Tables Never Dies

Antique vanity tables were perfectly named for the purpose in which they were intended, a station for the primping and beautification of its owner. Even though its heritage is as vintage as its name, its usage has remained pretty much the same throughout the ages while its design has been updated to match modern-day trends.

I had a vintage vanity many years ago that belonged to my mom. It was given to her when she turned thirteen years of age back in 1940. I so loved and used it for close to twenty years. It broke my heart when I had to give it away after my marriage ended and the apartment I moved into couldn’t accommodate the space needed to keep it. I regret, even still today, having to depart with it. The history of the vanity table is intriguing as is, how its design has changed over the years. I hope you enjoy the collection I’ve accumulated in this YouTube video and would love to know in the comment box below, which style is your favorite.

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Best Christmas Sugar Cookies Ever!

One of the things we love about the Holidays are those recipes we get to relish and savor slowly.  My favorite is the COOKIES … the preparation, the decorating and definitely, the devouring!  I love to cook, and yes, I love to bake.  And, like most, we are always scouting for that one recipe that might top all the rest.  I thought my mother-in-law’s sugar cookie recipe was too the moon.

Sorry mom.  You know I worshipped and adored you.  I’m afraid though the Amish took it a step further and have captured my tastebuds forever.  The recipe I’m sharing below was originally found at Taste of Home .  My sincerest thanks to them.  It will yield about 5 dozen, dependent, of course, on how big you make these babies.  Bon Appétit my friends.  Please feel free to share and ALSO, I’d love to hear your feedback..  

Hugs from me to you this Holiday Season.


  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar


  • In a large bowl, beat the butter, oil and sugars. Beat in eggs until well blended. Beat in vanilla. Combine the flour, baking soda and cream of tartar; gradually add to creamed mixture.
  • Drop by small teaspoonfuls onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 375° until lightly browned, 8-10 minutes. Remove to wire racks to cool.

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How To Make Him Miss You

When a man seems distant or just not as concerned about you as he used to be, it can make you feel so afraid and powerless.  You don’t want him to slip away. You don’t want to feel so insecure.

    • What to do if he is distant and seems to have fallen out of love.
    • Word-for-word love scripts to help you bring him closer than ever before.
    • The secret psychology that makes him want to commit for life.
    • The magic power you didn’t know you had to make him want you.

You want to know what’s wrong–if it’s you or something else.  Most of all, you want to do SOMETHING to fix things.  Why does it seem so hard to keep a man’s attention beyond those early days when he couldn’t stand to be away from you?  Now, it seems that something else is always more important–his work, his buddies, his car. You hate to admit this, but when you’re apart from him, he doesn’t even seem to MISS you.  It hurts.  Yet the more painful aspect of all this is that what you’re doing to try to fix things and get him close to you again is actually… pushing him further away.

Working Hard For His Love Never Works

If you’re anything like me, a man’s distance feels like a threat. You want to be front and center in his life. And when it seems like you’re not, it’s all you can think about.  Suddenly, you start scanning his every move for signs that he just doesn’t care about you as much as he used to.

You have an urge to stop him from slipping away, so you start doing all the things you think will draw him in.  You become extra caring, accommodating, and doting. You become low maintenance so he doesn’t think you’re too much work. You offer to cook for him, rub his back, have more sex. You keep asking him what’s wrong. In short, you’re doing what I call “Overfunctioning”–working hard for his love.  And yet he never stands up and says, “What a fool I’ve been! You’re the most wonderful woman in the world, and I need to shower you with love forever.”

Instead, he gets sullen and moody. He becomes annoyed and angry when you try to get close to him. Maybe he even says those dreaded words: “I need space.”  Then things get even harder.

Overworked And Underloved

As you do, do, and do for a man, and he pulls further away, something else happens: you become frustrated, bitter, and resentful.  You hate that you’re putting so much into the relationship and getting so little in return. You still don’t feel like you’re #1 in his eyes, no matter what you do.  And that’s exactly the problem–all you’re DOING!  The things you are doing to entice a man and pull him closer are actually working against you.

Men fall in love with you because of how much they give to YOU, not the other way around. That’s why they pull away when you try to fix the relationship by giving.  And then when you become frustrated by his lack of reciprocity, you inadvertently push him away even further–because no man wants to be around a resentful woman.  Don’t be hard on yourself, because there’s a reason why you’re operating this way, and it has to do with assuming that what feels good to you also feels good to a man.  You think:  “I feel good when a man goes out of his way to give to me, so it must work the other way as well.”

But it’s exactly the opposite.  Not fixing may seem like the last thing in the world you want to do, but it’s the fastest way to make him feel an uncontrollable desire to be close to you again.

Here are three ways to do it:

Lean Back

Close your eyes and think about what it feels like in your body when a man is pulling away from you, or when he just doesn’t seem to think about you as much. You probably feel it in your gut–a lurching sensation that just feels heavy and awful.

Now, what’s happening in your body when you picture a man pulling away and going further off into the distance? Can you FEEL your body wanting to lean forward and doing anything you can to stop him from going away? This “leaning forward” urgency is what causes a man to feel pressured and cornered. That’s why you need to STOP it by doing the opposite: leaning BACK.

Redirect Focus

What’s happening when you want a man’s attention–and when you want it desperately? Where is YOUR attention?  That’s right–it’s on him! Wrong. The more you keep your focus on him, the more he will turn away from you. How do you stop? By redirecting all your time and energy back to yourself.

Stay Open

Have you ever been mad at a man for ignoring you, and then when he tries to get close again you give him the cold shoulder? How dare he think he can just waltz right back into your arms!  Yet the most powerful thing you can do in such a moment is to receive him and melt right into him. This might be the most challenging move, but it’s so worth it.

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Creating Romantic Centerpieces

We all like to create a “wow” factor … you know, that one thing that stands out above all the rest.  Adding a centerpiece to a table that does just that will immediately make a lasting impression.

You don’t have to pay someone top dollar to create something sophisticated, classic, romantic, and beautiful.  You CAN do it yourself.  Floral centerpieces are the usual go-to if you want to dress up your tables, but candles are an easy and elegant centerpiece feature that could save you quite a lot of money, too.

There are countless gorgeous ways to make a candle centerpiece, and we’ve found some of the best. Candles look dreamy and romantic, especially surrounded by a wreath of flowers or hanging from a tall floral centerpiece. From floating candle centerpieces with candles resting in water, to minimalistic centerpieces with a few candles and sprigs of greenery, to easy DIY candle centerpieces, these centerpieces will illuminate your table in the best light. Whether you’re decorating a table for a dinner party, a wedding, a holiday gathering, a romantic dinner for two, or for no special reason at all, you’ll want to include candles after you see these beautiful candle centerpiece ideas.

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